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DVD Cutter 1.7

Extracts clips from DVD movies
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Cuts user-defined fragments from DVD movies. Plays the entire movie or just a preview of the selected fragment. Output files are saved in the VOB format.

DVD Cutter was designed to be a useful solution when it comes to cutting your favorite scenes from DVD movies. It comes as freeware and doesn't require many resources from your system (CPU power, memory, etc.). Yet this program proved to be very disappointing.

To start with the less annoying aspects, I must mention that its interface looks very bad. There is almost no contrast between the button and text colors and this makes it quite difficult for the user to understand its functions.

Also, the program lacks some functions that would have been useful for cutting purposes. Although the program lets you load a specific VOB file from a DVD, when you click Play button, it doesn't play that file, but starts from the beginning of the disc. This is very time consuming when you want to go to a specific movie section, considering that the progress control bar does not work.

It should also be mentioned that the program crashes a lot. I tested it on multiple computers, under different Windows versions, and each time it crashed.

I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone, not even for the fact that it’s free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free program


  • It doesn't include an offline Help manual
  • If often fails to open VOB files
  • Rudimentary user-interface
  • No settings available
  • It fails its purpose
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